Cat Language of the Tail:

Large, bristled, straight up tail says: I’m very, very afraid.
Tail lashing swiftly from side to side says: I might be agitated or I might be excited and anticipating a fly going by or maybe it was bird, but I’m excited!
Tail erect says: Follow me. This is the tail movement Mama cat uses to tell the kittens to follow her.
Tail up high but pointed towards the head says: I’m might proud (it’s like a human puffing out their chest).
Tail slightly up but not bristled says: I’m unsure of what to expect next.
Tail slightly up and gently waving says: WOW am I curious!
Tail slightly up with the tip hooked says: I want to be friends but I’m being cautious.
Tail down between the legs says: I’m so afraid I’m about to pass out.
Tail down and twitching says: I’m highly annoyed.

Cat language of purring:

Purring and relaxed says: I’m a happy cat.
Purring and tense says: I might be frightened or in pain or both.

Cat language of kneading with paws:

Kneading with paws (also called making biscuits) says: I’m remembering when I was a little kitten and this action brought me the comfort of my Mom’s milk and soft purring. When I feel all sleepy and want to drift into dreams of kitten-hood, I knead anything or anyone near by. It’s a good thing.

Cat Language of following you around:

Following a human: I’m following you to make sure you are constantly aware that I’m ignoring you. Cat Language of falling on my side when your hand goes to pet me says: I fully submit to you and know you are the leader. But be cautious, sometimes this is a ruse and they are making you think this is the message and then attack when you get close. Watch the tail too know what they are really saying.

Cat Language of Head Butting and Body Rubs:

This says you are my best buddy and I love ya man.

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