Cat’s have a language all their own. You almost need to live with a feline (81 million in the USA and counting…) to understand how subtle their language is. You can learn cat language by observing the unique messages they send using vocal sounds, tail movements, their eyes, whiskers, fur, and even their walk. Cats use nearly every muscle in their bodies - working in concert to form a symphony of cat language, intricate messages to other cats and perceptive humans.

To learn cat language, you must learn to “listen” to the messages they send; once you do, you and your cat can communicate more clearly.

Nearly everyone knows the language of meow. There is no mistaking the cat language difference a demanding loud meOOOW and a sweet little MEEEow. Generally we instinctively know they are saying back away or please pet me or feed me.

We want to help you learn cat language with this quick overview of things they are saying:

Cat language of the ears:

Folded back close to the head says: I’ve very angry Pointed forward says: What is this; I’m curious.

Cat language of the eyes:

Dilated pupils says: I’m afraid Constricted pupils say: I’m angry (or back off buddy!)
Direct stare, large open eyes, and narrow pupils say: Double back off buddy or I’ll attack
Eye or eyes slowly blinking or winking says: I’m talking to you because I like you.

Cat language of the whiskers:

Whiskers forward says: I’m very curious and interested.
Whiskers back says: I’m quite anxious; and not sure what I will do next.

Cat language of the tongue:

Non-stop licking says: I’m embarrassed (for instance, when they fall off the back of the sofa and you laugh at them, licking a paw will often be the cats’ response.)
Long, intense licks on a human says: I love you, you are all mine and I’m so happy.

Cat Language of lips:

Lips drawn back says: I very tense; getting angry and may attack.
Lips slightly open, relaxed, eyes half open says: I’m in ecstasy.

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